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British Airways and British Mediterranean Airways

British Airways and British Mediterranean Airways in co-operation with Jordan Eco-Tours organized their second educational press trip to Jordan on September 24th, 1998. This ensued their very successful first trip almost a year ago, which was also organised with Jordan Eco-Tours.

Hosting 10 journalists from the top travel magazines, newspapers and news agencies in the Untied States and Great Britain, the aim of the trip was to increase awareness about Jordan as a unique travel destination rich in cultural, historical and religious sites, and as an excellent adventure and incentive destination.

" We hope this trip will enhance Jordan's reputation as a viable and fascinating cultural, religious and adventure destination," explained Mr. Des Hetherington British Mediterranean Airways' Chief Executive Officer.

The four day tour was marked by visits to Madaba, the city of Mosaics; Mount Nebo, where Mosses is thought to be buried; the Red Rose City of Petra; a trip exploring the enchanting desert of Wadi Rum followed by a night of debauchery camping inside the desert, a la Bedouine. This was consolidated by a visit to the newly discovered Baptism site on the River Jordan by Dr. Mohamed Waheeb from the Department of antiquities.

The feed back from the trip was encouraging to say the least, here are some of the participants' comments:

"It would have been impossible to imagine prior to our visit, just how successful it would turn out to be." Mr. Hetherington.

" What more can I say, nothing more could have been done, perfection incarnate." Mr. Simon D'Oyly Sales Manager, British Mediterranean Airways.

But full honours go to Mr. Jim Newman, Business editor of KTLA TV and Radio, who actually went on live TV wearing the infamous Arabic head-dress, the Hatta wa Egal!

Some of the journalists even made very interesting excuses in order to come back. " I think I forgot my camera in Wadi Rum, so now I MUST come back," said Michele McDonald from Travel Weekly magazine.

On the last day of their trip the group had the pleasure of attending dinner hosted by his Excellency Mr. Akel Biltagi, Jordanian Minister of Tourism and Antiquities.

UK Press
The Guardian: Mr. Brian Logan
The Financial Times: Mr. Stewart Dalby
PA News: Mr. Paul Potts
The Express: Mr. Savvas Elftheriades